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Top 10 Organization Tips from Marie Kondo’s Netflix Show Tidying Up


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Marie Kondo has both a book and a Netflix series about tidying up your home using the KonMari method. For some people this works and for others it doesn't work. It's just like with any other guru out there, you can follow their methods and they may or may not work for you.

Each person is completely unique, which is why not all methods will work.

Whether or not these tidying up tips from Marie Kondo work for you, I'm sure there is at least one tip here that will work for you, no matter what stage of your home organizing you are in.

The KonMari tidying up method is inspired by minimalism and tackling your stuff by category.

There are 5 categories that Marie teaches in her method. 

  1. Clothing

  2. Books

  3. Papers

  4. Komono (miscellaneous)

  5. Mementos

The object of using the KonMari method is to create a more peaceful and happy home while organizing and releasing the clutter from your home at the same time.

As an added bonus, the happier your home life is, the happier you are in life in general.

Have you ever noticed how the clutter in your home just wears you down? It changes the energy of a room because it's just clutter not being used, loved or appreciated.

Not only does Marie have the 5 categories outlined above, she also has 6 rules that create her simple formula for tidying up your space: 

  1. Commit yourself to be tidy

  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle

  3. Finish discarding first

  4. Tidy by category, not by location

  5. Follow the right order

  6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

I binge watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix one weekend and it jumpstarted my drive to really clean, declutter and organize my entire apartment. While I don't completely follow her rules, I have learned some amazing tips from the show.

Here are my top 10 tidying up tips from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: 

Tip #1: Praise Your Home

When watching the show, not everyone really liked this part of the KonMari method that Marie did at first. Many would join Marie in praising their home, but a handful of them thought this process was a little bit cuckoo.

And you may think it's a little bit cuckoo as well. But just hear me out.

When you bless and praise your home, you are letting it be known how much you appreciate your home and what it does for you. Your home is your own personal sanctuary.

And when you bless it and let your home know how much you do appreciate it and how it has created your own sanctuary, it will be there to support you even more.

You may also think that this tip doesn't have much to do with tidying up of your home. And while it doesn't on the surface, it's a part of the emotional and spiritual side of cleaning your home.

Before you start your journey of tidying up your home, take a moment to thank your home.

Tip #2: Pile Things Up

Take everything out of it's current place and pile it up all in the same place.

For example, if you have clothes in 3 different dressers and 2 different closets, get all of those clothes emptied out and piled into the same place.

When you pile it all up, you are able to see everything that you have. You get everything together and allow yourself to go through each item that you do own.

Most of the time, you'll be amazed at how much stuff you really do have. When everything is in multiple different places, your brain doesn't always comprehend how much you have.

I was amazed at the amount of clothes that I own when I emptied everything out. I filled multiple trash bags full of clothes that I haven't worn in years. It's not just clothes that we have like this either.

For example, I recently emptied out my drawer of kitchen utensils. I had so of these utensils, that most of which weren't even used and when I went to look for one specific thing, I could never find it. But I emptied it out, discarded 2/3 of the ones that I had and only kept the ones that I use and actually still need.

Tip #3: Tackle One Category at a Time

Looking at the 5 categories above that are a part of the KonMari method, you only want to tackle just one category at time.

I actually take this tip one step further. I focus on one category at a time, one room at a time.

I love to be organized and until I really started going through my stuff item by item, I didn't realize how much useless stuff I had.

But what I mean by doing this one category, one room at a time, is that I also process what I'm doing with organizing, so it's not a super quick process. And for most people doing any type of organization project is something that is going to take a while to do and not just be completed in a few hours. When I divide this down by room, it allows me to still live my normal life without having the crazy chaotic energy permeating every part of my life that clutter creates.

When you only tackle on category at a time, it allows you to break the tasks down into smaller chunks and make it a tad bit easier as well.

Tip #4: Organize Your Items by Size

When you organize your items by their size, you can create a system that stacks the little items inside the big items. Or it puts the bigger items in the back and the smaller items in the front.

You will end up creating more space by stacking items by size. And you'll be able to find the smaller things when they are in front of the bigger items.

This also allows you to create a more neatly organized system.

Tip #5: Store Your Items by How Frequently You Use Them

This tip is pretty much led by logic. The items that you regularly use should be stored in easy to access spaces.

The items that you use infrequently should be stored in the back or in the places that aren't as easy to reach.

By storing items this way, everything is in a better space to be used with ease.

Tip #6:  Give Every Item You Own a Home

When every item has a home, it's easy to find it (as long as the last user put it back in it's home).

Plus by giving everything a home, you are doing a very good job to release clutter and open up the energy of your home.

This process allows you to find things much quicker and easier too.

Tip #7: Give Thanks for Every Item You Toss

While watching the show, a lot of people scoffed at this tip from Marie as well. But as time when on and they began thanking all of the items that they tossed, they began believe in her process.

While this is also a more spiritual and emotional technique, like praising your home, you are putting an energy of gratitude into each item that you are discarding. It has served some sort of purpose in your life and you need to let it know that it has.

When you just toss a bunch of old things (whether they are actually thrown away or donated), you want to do this with gratitude for how it has served your life.

Tip #8: Use Boxes

Marie uses boxes and the box lids in every part of her organization. Since boxes are usually square or rectangular, they make for easy storage. And when you put like items in each box, you've created something that is easy to take out and put back with ease.

Also by using boxes and their lids, you are spending less money on organization supplies because most people have boxes just laying around their house.

But if you want organizational supplies, I highly recommend using the dollar store to buy bins for your storage. There is a wide selection of bins to choose from that can all be easily used.

Tip #9: Stack Everything Vertically

Marie recommends that you fold your clothes into rectangles so that you can stack them vertically in your drawers. This allows you to see what each item is that you have.

But not only does she recommend her folding technique with clothes, she recommends stacking everything vertically so it is standing up and you can easily see exactly what you have.

The easier you can see everything, the more useful it will be to you because you know exactly what you have. And when you know what you have, you can easily use it, instead of letting it just sit in a corner somewhere, just wasting away.

Tip #10: Make Sure Everything that You Keep Sparks Joy!

For most people that are just learning about Marie Kondo, they hear the spark joy portion of the conversation before anything else. I actually heard about your belongings sparking joy a year before I knew about Marie's methods. I heard about it from a friend when I was at a conference. She encouraged each of us to unpack our suitcases, when we got home, one item at a time. And with each item that we took out, hold it and ask if it sparked joy.

That is the whole premise of Marie's method.

She asks that you hold each item in your hands. And notice what you feel in your body with this item.

Does it spark joy when you hold it? Is it just meh? Or is it nope don't want it?

For most of your items, you will know immediately whether it's a yes or a no. But there will be some items that you don't know immediately if they spark joy. And that's okay.

Create a separate pile for the maybes or the I don't knows and come back to them later.

Chances are, if they don't give you a hell yes on the first time, then they don't spark joy for you.

tidying up tips with marie kondo

We live in a society where having more stuff is the norm. We have the lifestyle creep and are constantly buying more stuff. 

But most of this stuff that we are buying, we don't need. And it just ends up becoming clutter and taking up space in our homes.

When you actually tidy up and create a home that sparks joy, you'll be happier. You'll enjoy life more. And more people will want to be around you.

Are you ready to start tidying up your home? Where are you going to start? 

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