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How to Organize & Tidy Up Quickly


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You just got that dreaded phone call - you have guests coming to your house!

NO!!! You haven't had a chance to clean and get your house organized. It's a mess!

What do you do?!?

You've been working on craft projects lately and just haven't had a chance to clean up and get your house back into your organized state. 

Where do you start?

Create a plan with the order of priority of the rooms in your house.

Write out a list of all of the rooms in your house and then put a number next to each room in the order of priority for that room. 

For example, my list would look like:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2
  • Cats' Bathroom
  • Bathroom

And then I would number each room with the order of priority for those rooms. 

Start with the most important room.

If your guests will be staying overnight, I'd obviously start with the room(s) they will be staying in. 

But if they are not staying overnight, your job got a tad bit easier. 

What rooms will your guests be in when they will be visiting? 

Anything that is in this room that doesn't belong in this room, gather it up and take it to the room(s) that it does belong in. 

You can also grab a garbage bag and purge anything that really doesn't belong. And then also make sure you take out the trash, whether it's the garbage can behind the house, or the dumpster in the parking lot behind your house. 

Stand back and quickly scan the room. Does it look presentable to a guest? Does it look habitable? 

Move to the Next Room

Now go to the next room on your list and complete the same process as above, like you did with the most important room. 

If it doesn't belong in this room, then gather it up and take it to the room it does belong. 

Gather up anything that can be thrown away. 

Stand back and quickly scan the room for presentableness and whether it looks habitable or not? 

And keep going on your list of rooms until you have completed the whole house. 

Make sure the beds have clean sheets and are made. Vacuum your floors. Sweep your floors. Stow anything that is an eyesore out of sight whether that's under the bed or in a closet. Get out fresh linens. 

Do You Have Any More Time?

You've done a quick onceover to all of the rooms in your house now. How much time do you have before your guests are going to arrive? 

If you have enough extra time, you can do a deeper clean on your rooms based on the priority list you created above. 

Scrub the toilets. Scrub the bathtub. Wipe down the sink. Run the dishwasher. Polish the wood and dust your surfaces. 

But make sure that you aren't rushing this process. 

Company Really Doesn't Care

One of the most important things to remember, is that your company really doesn't care about the organized status of your house. 

And if they really do care about the organized status of your house, then they don't love you for who you are. 

Plus you were given really short notice that your guests were even coming. 

Your House is Normally Pretty Clean

I know that since you are following this blog, your house is normally pretty clean anyway. You just didn't get a chance to do a deep clean like you would have preferred. 

Every single time I go to my parents' house or one of my Aunts' houses, they always say "Excuse the mess" as soon as I walk in. 

But there really isn't a mess at all. It just shows that the house is lived in and cared for. 

It really doesn't matter whose house you go to, people are going to show up unexpectedly. You are going to get the notice to excuse the mess. But none of that really matters. You aren't there to inspect how well these people live. 

And neither are your guests. They aren't doing an inspection. 

You live your life and are busy. So you also need to consider this when you think about how clean your house is. 

The most important thing to do is set a list of your priorities when it comes to cleaning. I already know you are going to tell me that all of the rooms are the most important, but they aren't. 

You can set an order of importance for all of the rooms in your house. Then just move through your house according to the list of order of importance. 

Your house will look neat and tidy when you follow this plan, even though it does already look pretty neat and tidy. 

Save this post for later when you really do need to tidy up quickly!

tidy up quickly
tidy up quickly