Home Organization

The world filled with chaos. Our lives are filled with chaos. But your home doesn't have to be filled with chaos anymore. There are professional organizers out there that can help you, but their methods don't always help the every day person when she is trying to create an organized home.

I've always loved being organized. That way I know exactly where I can find each and every single item I am looking for.

Have you ever gone out to buy something that you know you have, simply because you can't find where you last put it?

Having a home organization system can help you with that. 

Up until recently, I haven't made many changes to my system of organizing. And the main reason is because I rent, so I couldn't make many changes to the structure of my apartment.

I had one room in my apartment that just seemed to collect everything. You know like a junk drawer that you keep in your kitchen. But I had a whole room.

I had to clean up this room so that a friend could spend the night here. And the amazing feeling that it felt just walking into this room when it was cleaned up made me want to get on the organization bandwagon and declutter and reorganize my entire apartment from top to bottom.

I used to love collecting stuff. I've also been taught growing up (by seeing how my parents live their lives) that you don't throw anything away. Even if it's broken, you can find a way to fix it.

But feeling how amazing a clean and uncluttered room felt to walk into, ended my need to keep buying more and more stuff.

Now I want to help you get organized and remove the clutter from your home.

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Over time, your organization habits will change. Maybe you have young kids right now. Maybe you have teenagers right now. Or maybe you have no kids right now. 

Keeping your kids stuff organized will affect how you organize your entire house.

And it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to keep things organized. You can use tools from the dollar store. Or you could use recyclable items to help you get organized as well.

Keeping Your Closets Organized

Let's get started with the smaller places that tend to accumulate the most stuff: your closets.

You may have all kinds of closets in your home. Or you may have very small, inconvenient closets.

  • Organize your Linen Closet - Your linen closet should be neat and tidy. And it can be organized on a budget. 
  • Organize your Coat Closet -
  • Organize your Kids' Closet -
  • Organize Your Closet - 

Getting the Kitchen Organized

The hardest place in your hose to organize is the kitchen. The reason it's so hard to keep your kitchen organized is because so many people use the kitchen and not everyone cares about the organization system that is going on here.

It's also the center of your home. The more organized your kitchen is, the easier it is to keep clean.

Because no one likes a messy kitchen.

Plus the kitchen is the one area that I've always found is the hardest to get rid of stuff that you rarely use. Just because you rarely use it, doesn't mean that you can get rid of it, like you can with clothes and other outdated items in your home.

But you can get everyone on board with your organization system by creating a system and letting everyone know what the new system is.

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  • Organize your Pantry Quickly
  • Organize your Deep Freezer
  • Organize your Food Storage Containers

Creating a Bathroom Organization System

In the bathroom, we have so many small items that can easily get lost. Creating an organization in the bathroom can help prevent the loss of these little items.

  • Organize a First Aid Kit
  • Organize Under the Bathroom Sink

Organizing the Bedrooms

Sometimes keeping the bedroom organized can either be hard or easy. Your bedroom is considered your own personal sanctuary. And this is where you keep all of your personal belongings. Most of the time, this is also where you will spend the most amount of time.

You can organize this space however you like. But once you do, you'll recognize that the organization system you create helps you enjoy your own personal sanctuary even more.

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Organizing All of the Other Areas of Your Home

The main areas of your home have already been covered above. But for most of us, there are still other areas of our home that we keep our stuff.

  • Organize a Toy/Play Room
  • Organize your Garage and Create a System
  • Organize your Craft Room
  • Create a School Organization System

Did you find what you needed? We have all kinds of organization systems and hacks here and we are not professional organizers. Just people who crave organization and having systems to make everything easy to find.