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Decluttering Excuses You Are Telling Yourself


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Have you ever paused to take a look around your house and actually noticed all of the stuff that you have? 

Do you even know how much stuff you own that you don't even use? 

And if you don't use it, why are you even keeping it? 

Well, the main reason is because you are a human and accumulating stuff and holding onto clutter is a thing that we do as humans. 

For so many of us, it is really hard to get rid of something. 

What if I need that later? I'm going to need it someday. 

Honestly, if you haven't touched it or thought it once in the past 6 months, you aren't going to use it all. 

So many of the things that we keep are useless and irrelevant to where we are in our lives right now. And it's really not something that you need to keep around in your life.

How often do you run out of storage space for your stuff? 

How often are you running around like a crazy person trying to clean up your stuff when company is coming over, but you have nowhere to put stuff? 

How often do you buy something new when you go to the store, only to come home and find that you have one already just like that? 

We use excuses to hold onto this stuff and not declutter our homes and our lives. And these excuses are no longer serving you or your stuff. 

The biggest thing holding you back from living in an organized and neat home is your stuff. You simply have too much stuff to create a neat and organized home. 

So let's talk about these excuses and what you can do to eliminate these excuses once and for all. 

Top 7 Excuses for Why We Hold Onto Clutter

You Never Know When You Will Need It

Yes, someday exists, but only in our minds. It's not a day in the week and it's not a day you can find on the calendar. 

When you actually look for something in your closet, how often do you find everything else but what you are looking for? 

If you have not used something in the past 6-12 months, then your someday is not going to come. And if it does come, you won't even remember where this thing is that you really were saving for this occasion. 

I saw a decluttering experiment a while ago. A lady went through every room in her house and packed up everything in each room, except for the basics. She put this stuff in boxes and put it away in a closet. 

Then over the next 30 days, if there was something she needed that was packed away, she got it out. Otherwise, it stayed packed away. 

At the end of the 30 days, whatever was still left packed, she got rid of, because she clearly wasn't using it and didn't need this clutter taking up her space. 

If you really have a hard time getting rid of things, then try this experiment and actually notice how much of your stuff you don't even use. 

Then you can sell or donate your stuff that you no longer have a need for and declutter your stuff. 

I Paid Good Money for "Whatever this Item is!"

You may have paid good money, but how often have you actually used it in the past 30 days? 

If you went through your house and totaled up how much money you spent on stuff you don't even use, would you even want to know the resulting number? 

Just think of how much money you could have in your savings account if you never bought this extra stuff!

There are going to be things that you and your family outgrow - furniture items, clothing, shoes - but that's normal. If the things you are outgrowing are still in good shape, consider donating or even selling them. 

When you sell things, you can at least recoup some of the cost that you paid for the item. 

Someone Special Gave it to Me

True, sentimental items are hard to get rid of. But when you store these items in a drawer or box somewhere, how are you really remembering the person that gave it to you. 

You don't have to declutter the sentimental things and actually get rid of them. But put them on display somewhere in your house so that you can hold that special memory of the person who did give it to you. 

I'll Get Back to that Size and Wear That Again

So many of us hold onto our old clothes because we want to be that size again. And clothes are expensive to buy, so when you hold on to those clothes, you'll be able to save the money by not having to buy them again when you can fit into that size again. 

I know exactly what you are going through. I kept a section of my closet just for that old size I used to wear. But it had been years since I last wore that size. 

I am Trying to Figure Out What to Do With it, Because I Don't Know What to Do Just Yet

How often do you hold onto something simply because you just don't know what to do with it? 

You bought it with the intent of using it. Maybe it was for a decoration. Or for a project you were going to start. 

But now you don't even remember why you bought it and what you were going to use it for. So now you are holding onto this thing waiting to see where you can use it. 

You've had it for how long now and have yet to use it? Do you really think you are going to end up using it at all? 

You really don't need to keep hanging on to it. Find someone else who can use it, sell it, or donate it. 

I'll Find a Use For It

So you know that thing that you bought that is sitting on the dining room table just collecting dust because you really thought you would need it, but it turns out, you have no idea what you need it for? 

But you still leave it on the dining room table collecting dust because you can't get rid of it, but you really don't have any use for it. 

This happens a lot because we like to spend money on things that we think we want when we see it in the store, but really have no idea how we are going to use it or even if it's something we actually need. 

When you implement the 24-48 hour rule (wait 24-48 hours before completing a purchase), you will eliminate the purchases of things you really aren't going to use. 

I'm Not Done with It Yet

My dad uses this excuse all the time and it drives me insane!

There are all kinds of broken parts and pieces cluttering up my dad's garage, but he may have a use for it later, so he can't get rid of it. 

But in all of my years of watching my dad, he has only used this old stuff once or twice. The rest of it just sits there with the possibility of being used, but just causing more clutter. 

If he would just get rid of this broken stuff, you would easily be able to walk through the garage. 

Don't be like my dad! Get rid of the old and broken stuff. It serves you no purpose right now and it is just taking up space in your house. 

The space that you have in your house is valuable. The stuff that you allow into this space carries an energy as well. 

When you take the time to go through your stuff and get rid of the clutter, you'll notice how the energy of your house changes almost immediately. 

What excuses are you using to keep yourself from decluttering your house? 

Save this post for later to help you defeat your decluttering excuses once and for all!