Just Getting Organized

Daily Organization Tasks to Keep Your Life Organized


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Life can be quite hectic sometimes. And then when you add in kids, errands, cooking meals, running a business, working a full time job, and keeping your house clean, it just gets even more hectic and chaotic. Right? 

But since you are on a personal project of getting more organized in your life, you obviously want things to be more organized everywhere. 

Here are the tasks that you can do on a daily basis to keep your life more organized:

1. Don't Let the Mail Pile Up

Every day when I come home from work, I check my mailbox. If I have mail, I will take it into my house and just set it on the table. 

And then it sits there on the table for weeks. 

99% of the time, this is all junk mail and should just be put right in the recycling bin. Now this is a daily habit for me, it goes to the recycling bin before it has a chance to sit on my table. 

Mail that isn't junk mail, I will take care of as soon as I set down my stuff from work, take off my shoes and greet my kitties. 

By not letting the mail pile up and just sit on my table, I am managing the clutter that comes with having mail. If I wasn't going to use it in the first place, why do I need to let it just sit on my table taking up space and energy in my home. 

2. Load and Unload the Dishwasher

I still tend to be lazy with my dishwasher. Since it's only me, I only run my dishwasher 1-2 times a week. 

But ever since I started closing my kitchen every night, I make sure my counters and sink are free of dirty dishes. 

If you get into a habit of running the dishwasher at night when you close the kitchen, then first thing in the morning, you can empty the dishwasher and put everything away. 

That way, when the dishwasher is empty of clean dishes, you don't have to let the dirty ones pile up in the sink and on your countertops. 

Run the dishwasher at night when you are closing the kitchen, then empty the dishwasher the next morning when you are brewing your coffee. 

Then you have no excuse later in the day to let things pile up in the sink when you could be putting them in the dishwasher. 

3. Clean off the Kitchen Countertops

The countertops tend to collect the most stuff during the day. 

You go grocery shopping, the food ends up on the counters. 

The mail from that day ends up on the counters. 

The dirty dishes end up on the counters. 

The kitchen is the center of every house, so it's easy for things to end up in the kitchen every single day. 

But when you walk into the kitchen first thing in the morning and have clear countertops, it is a good feeling, and it makes for a less stressful start to your day. 

Whether cleaning the countertops is part of your closing your kitchen routine or just a part of after dinner routine, put everything back where it belongs after you are done using it. 

4. Keep the laundry in one spot

Use a hamper or a laundry basket for dirty clothes. And keep them collected in that one spot. 

Make sure everyone else in your house also knows to keep their laundry in the designated spot for laundry. 

This way on laundry day, it's easy to just throw the clothing in the washer and get on with the next task. 

5. Schedule time for Planning

At the end of each day, I like to spend 5 minutes planning out what I'm going to do the next day.

What are the most important tasks that need to get done the next day? What am I going to make for my meals for the next day? What other things do I need to get done? 

I have finally settled on just using a notebook for my planning. I have tried all kinds of planners and tools out there, but I found what works best for me, is a plain, old notebook. 

I start with my top 3 tasks that absolutely must be done. Then I list out any other to do's that need to be done as well. Then I plan out my meals for the next day, as well. 

By doing this planning the night before, I don't waste time trying to figure out what I need to do the next morning. I can just get up and get cracking with my day because it's already planned for me. 

6. Clean off Your Desktop

Just like cleaning off your counters, you also want to keep your desktop clean and organized as well. 

I know I tend to be even more productive when my desk is clean and organized. 

While you are working during the day, things can get a little messy. But when you are done working, take a few minutes to clean up and put everything back in it's home. 

This way, when everything is put back in it's home and you have a clean desktop, you can start your workday tomorrow with a clean slate and be even more productive. 

7. Empty Your Email Inbox

Sometimes it takes more than a few minutes to empty your inbox because there are emails that you want to read. 

But the goal is to always keep your inbox as empty as possible. 

Since so many companies have switched to sending us most of our junk mail through our email inbox, it can be easy to go through and delete all of the emails that you have no plans of using or reading. 

Why keep the emails that you won't really read in your inbox anyway? It's just more clutter in your space. 

Take a few minutes and empty out your email inbox to any emails that don't need to be dealt with. 

8. Organize Your Purse or Wallet or Handbag

I know I'm guilty of this too. But when I'm out shopping, I tend to let my receipts just float to the bottom of my purse or take up space in my wallet. 

And then I let them sit there for days and weeks on end. 

But when you take the time to organize the on a daily basis and take care of your receipts, whether that means putting them in a file or throwing them away, you have much better space and organization in your purse or wallet or handbag. 

This process can also help you with keeping track of your money better too. 

9. Keep a Running Grocery List

When you are preparing a meal, you will occasionally run out of an ingredient or staple that you keep in your kitchen pantry. 

So keep a running grocery list and every time you finish something, add it to your grocery list. 

If you are anything like me, if you don't keep that running grocery list, you'll completely forget to buy that one item that you just finished. Then the next time you go to use it, you don't have any. 

I have a little tablet that has a magnet on the back that I keep on my fridge to hold my running grocery list. 

It also helps to remember to take this list with you when you actually go grocery shopping too. (I tend to always forget it!)

10. Pick up any toys and books and magazines

During the day, items tend to make their way from their homes to all kinds of other places in our homes. 

But if you spend 5 minutes picking up these items and putting them back into their rightful homes, everything will look much neater. 

Ultimately the goal is to get each person who got the item out to return it to it's home, but sometimes that's not always feasible. 

My cats have a toy box of their own that I am always throwing their toys back into. Obviously pets can't pick up after themselves and most kids under 4 wouldn't have any idea what it means to put things back. 

When everything has a home, you can easily and quickly put things away in their rightful places and keep your home more organized on a daily basis. 

This is just a habit that needs to be built up over time and then it just becomes second nature to put everything back into it's rightful home. 

11. Spend 10-15 Minutes Reading

The more you read, the more you'll learn. People like Warren Buffet, Will Smith, Bill Gates, all read every day. 

It honestly doesn't matter if you are reading books, magazines, blog posts or newspapers. Spend some time reading every day and further educating yourself. 

Organizing your life doesn't have to take that long. Plus the more you build up your daily habits around organization, the easier it will be for everything to just be second nature when it comes to keeping everything in your life organized. 

You don't have to keep everything in your life Marie Kondo level organized. 

But you want a system that works for you and daily habits that you can build to make sure that your home is to your own standards with your organizing. 

What other areas of your life need organizing? What daily habits do you have to keep yourself and your life more organized? Let me know in the comments below.